Tuesday 26 November 2013

Sunset boat trip

We are so lucky that this is our third trip to the unbelievablely beautiful Ao Nang, and as per the previous visits, we arranged to go on a day trip to the local Islands.
We decided to upgrade to the more expensive afternoon and sunset trip. However, as always, the boat was dangerously overcrowded and there were not enough staff.
The water was calm and the islands are not too far away, so I always think that if something bad happens we can always swim to a shore.
Sunset was good and we have been trying to learn a bit of yoga off the Internet, so here I am trying out a pose on the sand.
The undisputed highlight of the day happened after dark and unfortunately I could not get a picture.
We went to a spot to see bioluminescent plankton. The danger level was high as the boat had no lights apart from the driver's head torch and he just told us to jump into the black water and swim with our snorkels on. I was apprehensive but Daz just went for it so I did too.
It was completely amazing - it looked as if our arms and legs were sparklers as brilliant flashes of light exploded around us.
Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!

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