Monday 25 November 2013

After the rain......

..... the sun.
We didn't arrive in Khao Lak until after 10pm last night so it was pitch black. 
Pulled back the curtains this morning to a beautiful blue sky, so we walked down to the beach before breakfast. It was looking lovely, but we had no time to dawdle as we had to up and on the road.
We had not had chance to arrange transport the 125k to Ao Nang, so we needed to stand by the main roadside and randomly put our arm out for any bus heading the right way.
We were lucky and a very slow and old fashioned local bus stopped then took us 40k to a big junction. All of the buses go straight on to Phuket, but we needed to turn left for Krabi.
There is a handy bus station and we just had time for a quick toilet stop and we were on our way again. This next bus was faster and more modern and whooshed along. We just then needed to hop in an open sided taxi van for the last few k's to our destination.
Much more speedy than yesterday and hopefully this lovely weather will help to dry out some of the flooded areas.

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