Thursday 28 November 2013

Ao Thalane mangrove forest

We set out on our kayak this morning straight into the pouring rain. We were soon soaked as we zig zagged across the estuary in our kayak. Apparently, my right arm paddles stronger than my left, so no matter how hard I try to go forwards we always veer off course.
The rain soon stopped and we followed our guide into the mangroves. The tide was low so the forest looked more dark and scary than usual, and it was difficult trying to avoid the sandbanks that were just below the water's surface.
Back out in the estuary we landed on a sandbank and our guide was really pleased to find four different starfish. He said five and six arms are common, but four and seven are quite rare. Thanks to Daz for modelling all four of them up his arm for educational purposes.
We paddled 6.5 k in total and it was very tiring by the end, but my shoulders are feeling pretty pumped now.

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