Saturday 27 September 2014

Canal du Midi and a little French joke

Beautiful cycle ride today along the Canal du Midi from Agde to Bezier.
Most of the water is shaded by huge trees, lots of which are London plane trees I think.
On a lovely sunny day it was so nice to cycle along the path in the dappled shade, enjoying views of vineyards, flamingos feeding on a nearby lake and marinas full of brightly coloured boats.
The reason we cycled nearly 60k to Bezier and back was to collect a parcel full of goodies - prescription sunglasses for me and a cycling sat nav for Darren. It was sent by Amazon to a Tabac shop that advertised that it opened from 7am to 7pm on Saturdays.
The little French joke - it was shut!
Ps, if you have never experienced the frustrations of the seemingly random French shop opening hours then you might not get it.
Pps, it was a brilliant day out so we had the last laugh - but unfortunately no new toys.

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