Monday 29 September 2014

Tarragona aquaduct

Long day yesterday as we drove in to Spain, stopping at Tarragona. We are meeting Darren's mum and dad at the weekend on the south coast, so we needed to get a lot of miles under our belt.
We were up again early today and went to visit the Aquaduct before setting off on our journey.
It is another ancient Roman aquaduct, but was completely deserted in the countryside just outside the city.
It is not as big as the Pont du Gard but very impressive, and I was really pleased to find that we were able to walk all along the top in the channel where the water used to flow.
Great start to the day and then another days driving - we have now just arrived in Bernidorm.
Not had chance to look around yet, but the campsite does Sangria and Paella so we are are going to have a relaxing evening then see what we can find in the morning.


  1. Did you pick up your new toys on the way

  2. No, we didn't know if the shop would open Sunday or even Monday, so had to leave them. Darren put a new order in and hopefully his mum can bring them to us at the weekend.