Monday 15 September 2014

Speeding down through France

Quick update on our whereabouts. We caught an overnight ferry from Portsmouth to Le Havre on Saturday.
We didn't have a cabin and the reclining seats were unbelievably uncomfortable, so I slept on the floor. It wasn't too bad, but very draughty and I kept waking up as I was so cold, but I have known worse  - or maybe as bad, anyway.
Sunday morning saw us heading south - after a few loops of Le Havre, courtesy of both me and the sat nav.
We stopped Sunday night after a few hundred kilometres, did a couple of hundred more this morning, and here we are this afternoon in the Haute Loire.
We have been on a walk to the nearest village, called St Paulien. It is a pretty little place with a nice church, fountain and square. There were tables that looked ideal for relaxing with a glass of wine, but as often happens in France, the bar was closed.
'Pas de probleme' as the French might say, as we  had a lovely time at Carrefour this morning, and Darren bought a bottle of wine from every region of France that he could find.
We also have a couple of kilos of fromage and some jambon, so we are very well set up in the camper.
Off to do some serious sightseeing tomorrow.

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