Tuesday 30 September 2014

Pensioners at Bernidorm

Out and about exploring Bernidorm today. We were amazed to find the whole place packed with scantily clad pensioners, all of whom seemed to be having a lovely time.
The shallows were full of them wallowing about - no one was swimming but they floated together in brightly coloured shoals.
We walked along the shoreline and it was as busy as Oxford Street at sales time. The racing line, just along the edge of the waves, was hotly contested. Speedo wearing, mahogany tanned men did overtaking and near collision manoeuvres around ladies in frilly bikinis, sensible one pieces and floaty kaftans.
I wasn't keen on all the pale, hairy, overweight chappies, that seemed to be everywhere, but I just tried to look away. 
We joined the throng for a while, then headed back to the safety of the promenade.
There are two major beaches at Bernidorm and they are separated by a rocky outcrop with a brightly tiled viewing area. We stopped for a look around and then headed on to check out the second beach.
All along both beaches were enticing notices for cheap drinks, cocktails, breakfasts, coffees and ice creams. Lots of the bars were full with yet more cheerful pensioners, this time wearing slightly more clothes.
For lunch we found a Spanish restaurant a few streets back from the seafront that did three course lunch, including bread and wine for 10 euros each.
We weren't sure what we had ordered but I got ham and tomato on a slice of bread - like a bruchetta, then ham and melon, then ham (I think) egg, potato and chillis for the main course. Possibly a bit samey but that's what you get for leaving the dictionary at home. Surprisingly, we didn't get a glass of wine each but a whole bottle to share, as well as ice cream for pudding.
We thought that we must have racked up loads of extras, but no, 10 euros each. Absolute bargain, then we staggered home and I had a little siesta.

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