Friday 12 September 2014

Tour of Britain

We have cycled to the route of the Tour of Britain today, and are halfway up Kop Hill Climb.
Daz and I cycled the climb from bottom to top before the race.
There were loads of spectators at the roadside, and being a slightly more mature lady, lots of them were cheering me on to the top. I felt a tiny bit famous, and it definitely stopped me from getting off and walking.
We are out for the day with Susan, and she is not keen on having her photo taken, but sometimes I think that she takes it to extremes.
Also, Darren and Susan's behaviour got a bit embarrassing at times, so I had to stand on the opposite side of the road to get away from them.
The race was great and the hill slowed the cyclists down a lot, but I still didn't spot Cav, and only saw the  back of Wiggo.

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  1. Where did Darren n Susan get the outfits no wonder you crossed the road