Friday 3 October 2014

Alhambra Palace

We caught a bus from right in front of our campsite to Granada this morning for a day trip to the Alhambra Palace.
It is one attraction but is made up of four separate sections, built over many years by different rulers. They are all inside an enormous walled fortress that is a long walk uphill from the city of Granada.
We managed to see all four sections, although we were running short of time on our ticket, and the whole place is very beautiful.
It is built in an Islamic style and has little water channels running everywhere. They feed into reflecting pools, and also help cool the Palace during the summer.
It was packed full of tour groups and we often followed them closely if they had an English speaking guide, then doubled back once it was more peaceful to look at the sights again and take photos.
Once we left the Palace we had a late lunch, then went searching for a view point. We eventually managed to find a good one on a hill on the opposite side of the valley. The whole place is so huge, stretching out along the hilltop that my photo only includes a small part of it, and I think our campsite is somewhere up on the hills behind it.
We had a very long day with over 26,000 steps on my counter, so I am just enjoying a nice sit down on the return bus while writing this blog.

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