Thursday 16 October 2014


Caught a bus along the coast to Marbella with Darren's mum today.
We started in the beautiful old village with churros for breakfast - these turned out to be a doughnut flavour snack that were shaped like a massive Cumberland sausage. It was served hot with a cup full of liquid chocolate - fantastic in a sickly and happy way.
We then wandered through a lovely park complete with tile covered seats and fountains.
While walking we met a very friendly Norwegian gentleman who recommended that we head down to the harbour and catch a ferry to Puerto Banus.
It was a pretty town a few miles away with a harbour full of huge yachts, streets full of expensive cars, fancy shops and numerous restaurants.
We had a look around and then sat on the seafront drinking wine and watching the world go by.
Finally we caught our own top of the range transport home - our ferry was a catamaran with bouncy trampoline netting at the front. We bagged the best space and dangled our legs over the front for the journey home.

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