Tuesday 21 October 2014

Picasso's birthplace

We caught a train to Malaga today and headed straight for the Plaza de la Merced in the centre of town, as in 1881 it was the birthplace of Pablo Picasso.
It is a lovely peaceful square with a statue of the great man himself sitting peacefully on a bench.
His parents rented a flat in the end terrace house that is exactly behind his head, and the whole building is now a museum.
In contrast with the Fondation Van Gogh that so disappointed me last month, the Fundacion Picasso explained all about his life in the town, although he left aged 10. His father was also a painter and they had examples of his work, and even some of his paint brushes, which really pleased me.
After our visit and a pleasant lunch stop, we visited the Museo Picasso Malaga that was full of his paintings, ceramics and a couple of weird sculptures.
Some of the paintings were pretty strange too, but I really enjoyed and liked most of it. I even disagreed with one of the posters on TripAdvisor who said that it was mostly full of doodles.
Maybe some of this culture is sinking in at last.
Ps, Malaga is also a lovely town full of tightly packed beautiful buildings - excellent day out.

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