Thursday 2 October 2014


Another driving day, but we are nearing our final destination now. We drove across the interior of Spain from Benidorm to Granada.
It was a cloudy day, with some very dark skies, but the landscape was very dry and arid. The river beds were completely empty and the cacti and olive trees looked parched.
We nodded knowledgeably to each other as we agreed that it very rarely rained in these parts.
A couple of hours later we arrived at our campsite high up in the Sierra Mountains above Granada. We checked in, parked the van and Daz put the coffee on. Suddenly, hailstones started hurling themselves down on us. The noise was so loud that we had to yell to each other. The sky was completely black, lightening flashed and we could just hear thunder claps above the racket from the hailstones. A mini river flowed under the van and we sat there in amazement enjoying the spectacle.
It has passed over now and is down the valley and we have just seen a vivid rainbow and beautiful sunset.

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