Thursday 11 June 2015

Speechless in Abu Dhabi

A few weeks ago Daz found us a special offer for five nights in Abu Dhabi, and we got up early to travel there today. It is now the low season because the outside temperature is about 40 degrees and very humid, but here in the Yas Viceroy it is all air conditioned loveliness.
We have been upgraded to a suite, and as we walked in our mouths dropped open in astonishment!  Never in all of our travels have we stayed anywhere so fancy.
Our dressing room is bigger than our campervan, and I haven't really done it justice by only bringing a half full rucksack of clothes with me.
The suite is bigger than most of the houses that we used to live in, and on the way out to dinner I spotted a door that we hadn't noticed earlier, and inside it was another bathroom.
The hotel is a crazy shape, all curves and waves and when we drove up to it in the dark, it was lit up in dark blue and purple lighting.  The lights swirled on and off and constantly changed the look of the hotel so we have no idea what it will look like in the daylight.
We have a balcony that overlooks a marina, but even at 10 pm at night it's not really practical to sit out on it.
Our package included dinner, and it was the poshest buffet I have ever seen. I got carried away and had tiny pieces of almost everything, lots of which I didn't even recognise. It was all excellent but from tomorrow I will try to stick to a bit of a theme, as so many different flavours is a bit of a shock to the system.
Can't wait to explore more tomorrow.

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