Friday 19 June 2015


I know that a lot of it is down to the weather, but Southport is not looking glamorous today.
Our campsite is very close to the coast, the tide goes out a long way, and the pier had been left high and dry. We walked to the end of it and there is a metal seat, an ice cream shop that was closed and an amusement arcade.
The arcade was very unusual as the machines only accepted old pennies - the big brown ones when there was 240 of them to a pound.
We changed some modern money into old pennies and I managed to win a few more than I started with, was really pleased with myself for a few minutes, then I managed to lose them all again.   
It was all very quaint and old fashioned, but it kept us quiet and warm for a while.
We then headed into the town and found another arcade, this one with a Hall of Mirrors. Hopefully this explains the unusually shaped feet in my selfie.

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