Thursday 4 June 2015

Cyclists in Cambridge

We are still in Cambridge and are surrounded by thousands of bicycles. Apparently 120,000 people live in the city, of which 20,000 are students and between them they own 35,000 bikes.
We have seen most of them as they are everywhere, attached to lampposts, railings, leaning against walls and stacked up in every possible space.
The students sail around on them with their baskets full of papers and notes. They are currently taking their exams, so there are notices up all around town asking people to be quiet as they pass by.
We could only stand at the entrance to Corpus Cristi college - pic 2 - and quietly imagine the sort of life they lead.
I think that quite a few of them have just taken their final exams, as they were out on the streets later celebrating loudly with bottles of champagne.
We went to the Fitzwilliam Museum to see yet more art and it was housed in yet another grand beautiful building - pic 3.

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