Friday 12 June 2015

Formula One race track

We have managed to solve the mystery of the shape of our hotel today. Basically, it is two long thin egg shaped buildings that are at right angles to each and are joined together by a bridge - if that makes any sense. Over the top of all of it is a sort of giant concrete blanket that lights up and changes colour once it gets dark.
The most interesting thing though is that the Abu Dhabi Formula One race track winds it way all around the hotel and under the bridge.
There was no cars or bikes on it during the daytime, although that is not too surprising as the temperature on the tarmac was 58 degrees centigrade (136 Fahrenheit) in the sunshine.
Once it got dark it cooled down a little and the track sprang into life. We watched as dozens of bikers raced around the circuit.  Some were really fast and almost put their knee to the ground on the corners, and others took it much more leisurely.
We found out that every Tuesday evening they open the track to runners and cyclists, but unfortunately we are leaving on Tuesday lunchtime.
I would have loved the chance to dawdle around the track on a bike, but I am spoilt enough as it is, so I am very happy just to watch others race it instead.

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