Saturday 13 June 2015

Pole position

I am still going on about the Abu Dhabi grand prix track I am afraid. Today we went on a guided tour of the circuit, unfortunately without the cars.
Here I am preparing to get ready for a speedy start - just waiting for the lights to change. I burnt my fingers on the track, so my facts from yesterday must have been correct.
I had to imagine the roar of the engines and the cheers from the crowd, but the tour guide clapped politely as we filed out on to the podium to hold the trophy.
Obviously there was no champagne to spray around, and we had to hurry back inside to escape the heat.
We drove around the track at about 20 miles an hour in a minibus, and I was surprised how twisty and turny the track was.
Day posed in a model of a formula one car and it was so low that his bottom was almost touching the floor.
Ps, will find a different subject tomorrow, I promise.

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