Tuesday 28 July 2015

Masham to Bingley

We set off this morning and it was still raining. Not so heavily today, but a steady drizzle that stayed with us until mid afternoon.
It was a hard uphill slog at first (and we cycled the 22 miles to Harrogate with only one stop. That was to enjoy 'Le Monument' that commemorated the Tour de France passing by in July 2014.
At Harrogate we ate coffee and cakes, but not at the famous Betty's. My sister had warned me that it would be busy and she was right - customers were queueing out of the cafe and along the pavement.
We carried on our way, passing through Otley then stopping just outside Guiseley as I really fancied a glass of cider and a packet of peanuts.
While we were there something amazing happened - the sun came out for a couple of minutes.
I was so excited that I took my waterproof trousers off and snapped a photo of my shoes and ankles to mention a little tip to you.
Helpful tip - if you ever go on a cycling holiday and don't have any sturdy waterproof shoes, then pack a couple of freezer bags in your luggage. Hopefully you won't need them, but if the weather forecast is for rain all day then put your socks on, then your feet in the freezer bags, then finally put your trainers on top.
Yesterday it was extremely wet and the bags filled with water, but they acted a bit like a wetsuit and kept my feet warmish. Today my trainers were still soaking wet as they hadn't dried at all overnight, so the bags tried to keep my feet dry although not too successfully.
Tomorrow I am hoping not to need them.

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