Saturday 4 July 2015

Pride and prejudice

My hopes for the weekend yesterday were for culture, good company and sunshine, but I didn't expect to get all three.
After the amazing thunderstorms in the middle of the night I thought that we might be flooded out in the campsite, but we opened the blinds this morning and nothing had changed.
We started with an al fresco performance of 'A midsummer nights dream', performed by a group of students from Stratford in London. They travelled here along the canal in narrow boats, it took nearly a week and they rehearsed as they sailed.
We then relaxed in the sunshine, enjoyed an ice cream and crossed the river on a little chain boat.
The highlight of the day though was a performance of 'Pride and prejudice' in the attic of the Lazy Cow pub. It lasted for nearly three action packed hours and the only disappointment was that it went on for so long that we missed the fireworks display along the river.

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