Friday 10 July 2015

Boat trip in London

Today we went to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in east London for a wander around in the lovely sunshine.
An enterprising company was offering boat trips along the river Lee and it seemed a nice way to see the Park.
We timed it quite well as the 12 o'clock trip had 60 school children on it, but we caught the 1pm, and there was only about ten of us retirees. We all behaved well, listened quietly to the commentary and didn't get told off once.
We saw the Olympic sign and on closer inspection I saw some naughty schoolboys posing on the rings. Not sure what happened to their teacher.
There was children on school trips everywhere and we waved to them as we enjoyed a glass of wine with Darren's mum.
When we got back to the mooring we saw that a coot had made a nest on the rudder of one of the company's barges. Our guide said there is an egg in the nest and that they cannot move the boat now until the egg has hatched.
That is one very expensive egg.

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