Sunday 26 July 2015

Nottingham to Durham

We set off on our bikes this morning for a journey up north to Durham. We didn't cycle all of it, we only went as far as Doncaster railway station, which was just over 40 miles away.
The weather forecast was for 'four to five hours of heavy rain across the whole country' according to the BBC, and we cycled as fast as we could to try to stay ahead of the clouds.
We were helped by a strong tail wind that made life easier for us, but also brought the rain with it. We just got to Doncaster station as the rain was starting, and then the train whizzed us ahead of it, with the brilliant result that it was still dry in Durham when we arrived.
Luck was still on our side as we got to our hotel in the dry, but I needed my brolly for our quick sightseeing trip around the town.
We didn't see a lot but we walked along by the river, had a quick look inside the cathedral and then spent most of our time inside an 'eat as much as you can' Chinese buffet.
There's nothing like a cycle ride to build up a good appetite.

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