Wednesday 9 December 2015

Sugar cane factory visit

Today we visited the local sugar cane factory museum, as we passed by it a couple of days ago and the smell from it was just heavenly. It smelt like a beautiful cake baking in an oven and we were drawn back to find out more.
A very friendly guide told us that they only harvest the sugar cane in April and May and the rest of the year they make interesting products from the juice.
There was huge machines scattered around the building, together with lots of Christmas decorations and smiling Santas.
I was pleased to see that most of the machinery was made in England in 1887 by the amazingly named Mr A W Death.
Moving on to the tasting room we paid €1.30 each for a piece of Madeira cake (obviously), a lovely ginger biscuit and a good sized slug of sugar cane rum.
Darren had the 50% proof version while I whimped out and had a 25% rum and sugar cane concoction. Mine was very tasty but Darren's was pure firewater. Top ups were 60 cents each but we wisely resisted.

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  1. It seems that your visit was great there. I wish to taste these biscuits also.
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