Thursday 10 December 2015

High tide at Jardim do Mar

We were planning on taking it easy today so decided on a flat and short walk by the seaside.
We caught the bus to Jardim do Mar which is the lovely little village featured from high above in photo one in Tuesday's blog.
Today we walked along the promenade and saw our destination of Paul do Mar in the distance. We were surprised to find that the path that we saw on our map didn't appear to exist, but we set off along the beach anyway.
After a few hundred metres we came across a guy with an eisel painting the view, and he said that the path was actually the beach, and it was passable at low tide.
We carried on, and the view back to Jardim was beautiful - pic 3. The rocks got bigger and we carried on clambering over them, although I am not sure that Daz was using the most efficient route.
Finally, we reached a section where there was no beach at all, although in between the waves we could see that the water wasn't very deep.
We decided to be patient and sit and sunbath for a while, all the time watching to see if we could run between waves - pic 5. At first I was certain that the tide was going out, but then there was a group of really big waves that looked terrifying.
In the end we gave up and walked back the way we came, which is always a big disappointment.
Back at the hotel I looked up the tide timetable and we were at stuck at the cliffs at exactly high tide, so we couldn't have timed it worse.
The good news is that it means that we will have to go back again next week when the tide is out.

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