Saturday 19 December 2015

Parkrun Christmas Special

We arrived back in England late last night, and this morning we took part in the Tilgate fancy dress parkrun.
We didn't know about the fancy dress part in advance, so I borrowed a bit of tinsel, and our friend Dave managed to find festive shorts and jumper. (Daz didn't dress up, so he took on the important job of taking the photo.)
It turns out that Dave and I didn't actually put enough effort into our costumes as some of the other competitors.
The final picture is of the organised chaos before the start, but just after 9am, everyone charged over the start line.
I finished in 223rd place out of 385. I was beaten by lots of Santas and a few dogs, but I was pleased to stay ahead of the lady with a rubber roast turkey on her head.
Superfit Dave was 13th and Darren a creditable 80th.

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