Sunday 13 December 2015

Waves and a washout day

The forecast was for rain later today, so we went out early before the deluge began.
The waves were enormous and crashed into the harbour walls all the way along the sea front. Fortunately, it wasn't cold at all, so we sat outside enjoying the salty air and a hot coffee.
We made it back to our hotel - pic 1 - before the rain started and are now sheltering in our room as horizontal rain blasts past the balcony.
It's a good afternoon to stay indoors, play ping pong and pool, and catch up on Strictly.


  1. great waves. About time you had a bad day :) x

  2. Hi Matt, when I saw your name I thought that you were volunteering to be my stunt double!! It's due to rain tomorrow as well. See you both in a couple of weeks. x