Thursday 8 February 2018

Arriving in Malaysia

Wow, it's been a really, really long day today! We set off from Kings Cross at 6am to Heathrow Airport for our flight to Kuala Lumpur.
It was a good flight, but other passengers caused a few issues. The lady sitting next to Daz spilt her coke all over his lovely grey trousers and the girl in front of me decided to recline her seat and go to sleep at 11.30am!
I couldn't believe it, we had only been awake for a few hours and yet we were all forced to recline for the following nine hours!
Maybe it was a good thing and I did sleep for a while, and we landed in KL at about 7am local time this morning. We caught a train to Putrajaya and got to our hotel very early, but they have upgraded us to a huge room with a jacuzzi bath in the bedroom! 
This afternoon I thought that we should go for a shortish walk around the nearby lake, but it turned into an almost endless march. 
I found to my surprise that although the city where we are staying, called Putrajaya has lots of paths and cycle tracks, they do not link up. Instead of a nice hour long stroll in my new sandals, we had to walk for over three hours to get back to the hotel. At one point we were less than a kilometre away but the path ended abruptly at a forest. A jogging lady told us not to try to get through it as there was some dangerous snakes around! 
Cue a massive detour of an hour and a half, and some huge blisters. We also wanted to cross a bridge but it had no way on to it, so we had to do another detour around a very wiggly shaped lake. 
Have now downloaded ViewRanger and will check out my plans a bit more carefully next time! Still it's lovely and warm here and at least we should sleep well tonight and looking forward to some new adventures tomorrow. 

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