Monday 19 February 2018

Spiceworld and the Butterfly Park

On Monday we had a lovely touristy day, and Dave has a friend who lives on Penang who very kindly showed us around.
We started at the Spice Gardens, which is a rainforest garden starting at sea level and going up into the hill behind.  My first thought was how incredibly hot and steamy it was, but either we got used to it or it cooled down a bit as we walked upwards. We learned all about dozens of different plants and spices, but it has all rolled into one in my head, so I won't amaze you with any interesting facts.
The giant swing was good and there was a peaceful teahouse right at the very top. 
After a tasty lunch that cost 80 pence each we visited the Butterfly Park, which cost significantly more. However, it was definitely worth it.
Firstly, Daz made friends with a scorpion who crawled across his hand - not a butterfly I know.
Dave was very popular with a big butterfly that sat on his ankle for most of the visit, but eventually I briefly found a friend of my own.
There was thousands of butterflies everywhere and the park was enormous, so we spent ages wandering around taking pretty photos. We also went to the hatching area and watched a couple of butterflies appear and start to unfold their wings. 


  1. Don't forget Stevia the new sugar replacement or if you need to improve your memory use Asian Pennywort!

    1. You're just too clever for this blog! But can you tell the difference between citronella and lemon grass?