Wednesday 21 February 2018

Saigon, Vietnam 🇻🇳

We caught a flight today and landed this afternoon in Saigon, otherwise known as Ho Chi Minh.
It is a really interesting place and is far greener and cleaner than I remembered. Our hotel is in a great location as it is very central and within walking distance of everything.
It is just down the street in picture one, and it is a tall narrow building that Daz is standing outside in pic two. He splashed out and we have the double room just above the reception for £15 per night.
One thing that hasn't changed are the thousands of mopeds on the roads, and most of them carry two or three people, as well as lots of shopping. 
We also found the main backpacker bar area which is called a walking street, but sadly no one has told the moped riders who shoot along the road just like any other. 

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