Saturday 17 February 2018

Probably the best lion dancers in the world

We have been so busy today that I am just going to have to stick to the highlights. Briefly, we did our own parkrun, then went on a guided tour of Fort Cornwallis, checked out more street art, met the lion dancers at our hotel, enjoyed happy hour and then went up to the Kek Loksi Temple to see the lights for Chinese New year.
All around town today we saw the lion dancers going from venue to venue with their amazing outfits, and then at about 5.30pm it was our turn. Two lions arrived at our hotel, along with drummers, cymbal players and firecrackers.
The lions had a quick dance in the street and then set off a string of the firecrackers. It was so loud and scary as they exploded in all directions.
Then the lions got in the hotel lift and the drummers headed up the stairs making an unbelievable noise. 
They got out on the roof terrace and Daz took a great photo of the lion, mandarin orange for luck, and a lovely glass of white wine. 
Strangely, all of the dancers and drummers were wearing Carling teeshirts under their outfits, so Margs dubbed them 'probably the best lion dancers in the world!' 

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