Thursday 22 February 2018

Cu Chi tunnels

Today we went on a trip to the Cu Chi tunnels, that are not far from Saigon. They were used by the Vietcong to hide underground from the American soldiers during the war.
The tunnels were very small and narrow and in some places were three stories deep, and were well hidden by the jungle.
The Americans tried very hard to destroy the tunnels and used agent orange and napalm to destroy the jungle, but even then they still couldn't find most of the tunnels. 
The Vietcong set gruesome booby traps and would pop up through secret entrances to attack the enemy and then disappear again. 
I went down one of the original holes and it was really tiny, and once the lid was on it completely disappeared. 
There was the wreck of an American tank and we also walked underground through a small section of the original tunnel. It was only 20 metres long and had electric lighting but it was very claustrophobic and hot.
It was a very, very interesting day, and then to finish it off Daz tried a sample of snake wine from an awful looking bottle! 

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