Saturday 10 February 2018

Putrajaya to Kuala Lumpur

It's Saturday today so we started the day with our own parkrun. It was pretty warm and we ran around the lake past dozens of locals who were settling up picnics and getting ready for a day by the water.
We had a train to catch to KL at lunch time, and we are in a nice hotel on the 16th floor. We are right next to the Menara Tower although it is so high that all we can see is the body of it and the bobble on the top is completely out of sight.
We have just been to the Petronas Towers which I think used to be the tallest building in the world and is only about ten minutes walk away. It currently has a huge red Chinese lantern outside the front door, which they say is the biggest in Malaysia - strange as I didn't know that there was such a thing as a giant lantern competition. 
Unfortunately when we came out with our shopping it was pouring with rain, so it seemed quite a long way to get home. At least it was warm rain. 

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