Friday 23 February 2018

Sightseeing in Saigon

Excellent day today where we ticked off a lot of the major sights of Saigon.
The weather was beautiful and we started with the main Post Office as Daz needed some stamps. The outside is nice, but the inside is amazing with a huge picture of Ho Chi Minh on the wall.
The Notre Dame cathedral is also lovely, and then we came across the City Hall, with a large statue of Ho Chi Minh. All of the main buildings were designed by the French in a traditional style. 
We then found the Opera House and it had a bicycle outside covered with wicker baskets. It was advertising a show of traditional Vietnamese culture, but done in a modern way and we bought tickets for tonight. 
Afterwards we walked down a massive open boulevard to the river and bought ferry tickets for next Monday and the next stage of our journey. 
Finally, we stopped for lunch at a pho restaurant. We have been meaning to try this famous dish, but I never thought that it was really my sort of thing. It was actually quite tasty, but hard work with just chopsticks and a spoon. I ended up with it all around my mouth and very sticky hands, so not very high up the list of food to be repeated. 
Ps, After a relaxing afternoon we headed back to the Opera House and the show was great. 

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