Sunday 4 October 2015

Lake view at Lac Leman

George Clooney has a wonderful lakeside home on the banks of Lake Como, and for tonight and tomorrow, we have the same on Lac Leman.
We are on the Swiss shore of the lake, between Lausanne and Montreux. We were very lucky to find a space right on the lakeside, and pic 1 is the view of our little garden, hedge and then straight out on to the lake.
It is pot luck with campsites, sometimes they are in out of town industrial estates, sometimes in a field and occasionally somewhere fantastic. It also helps that it is early October, as to get this spot in the summer then I am sure that we would have needed to book months in advance. Instead, we looked online yesterday and just turned up today.
Once here I decided to make use of the washing facilities and put all of our dirty washing in the tumble dryer for an hour. It came out all dry and hot, but no cleaner than when I started. The campsite owner took pity on me, refunded my money, pointed out my error and then helped me to load and start the washing machine!
Darren said that it could have been worse as at least it wasn't him looking like an idiot. I did hide for a while and sent him to empty the machine as the whole thing was just too embarrassing.
We also got our bikes out and cycled to Montreux, which is a beautiful town with a large statue of Freddie Mercury on the Promenade. Picture two is actually of a lady water-skiing on a dragon, sorry for any confusion.
On the way back home we ventured up on to the hillside which is covered in vineyards and little roads. We spent a bit of time getting lost amongst the grapes, but managed to get back to our million dollar estate.

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