Monday 12 October 2015

Mont Saleve

On Saturday morning I drove the campervan round to Geneva and parked a few miles over the border in France, and then Darren arrived back early in the evening.
On Sunday we caught the bus into Geneva, but there wasn't a lot happening. The most interesting thing was a giant fountain in the harbour that shoots water really high into the air. It is connected to a power plant and the fountain works all day relieving water pressure at the plant. I wanted to get a close up picture for my blog, so we walked out on a narrow harbour wall and stood within a few feet of it. I was almost ready to get my shot with a good angle of the town in the background, when suddenly it switched off and the fountain disappeared. It didn't come back, but fortunately the power plant didn't see explode, although I didn't have any pictures for a blog.
Today was more successful though and we took a walk straight from our campsite to a nearby mountain called Mont Saleve. It was hidden by clouds as we headed towards it, and then our path took us steeply upwards. We climbed for a couple of hours through a forest, seeing nothing but trees with their beautiful autumnal coloured leaves. Then suddenly we were out in open ground and  found that we were above the clouds.
The views were incredible, and our campsite is hidden somewhere down in the valley in pic 3.
We then walked over to look out at the views in the opposite direction and we could see the snow covered peaks of the French Alps.
I then got a bit carried away and took us on a giant detour through numerous fields of cows, then down an endless steep mountain road full of hairpin bends - we were both relieved when we eventually got home.

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