Friday 9 October 2015

Exploring the Lavaux Vineyards

I set off to explore the vineyards today and hoped to walk to a little town called Vevey.
I was following little yellow signposts and they took me on a beautiful route that started at the lake and then climbed high up onto the hillside.
The vineyard up there is the Dezalay Grand Cru area and is so steep that all of the grapes have to be picked by hand. I passed groups of people busy filling big yellow buckets and a little motorised cart that carried them down to my path.
When no one else was around I tried a few and they were fantastic - so sweet and juicy.
I carried on downhill, past little villages with bars that did wine tasting, and then the path took me down lots of metal steps. Eventually I was back down at lake level and saw a big rock with a diving board attached. It looked very inviting but I didn't have my swimming costume with me and a sign said 'no naturists' so I carried on my way.
I reached Vevey and it had a lovely promenade with a giant metal fork sticking out of the water.
I didn't fancy walking all the way back so hopped on the train and got home in seven minutes.
Ps, I tried to buy a bottle of the Grand Cru but it was a bit pricy, so instead I have bought a bottle of Epesses for me and Daz to try when he gets back tomorrow. It's supposed to be good and the grapes were grown about ten minutes walk from our van.

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