Friday 30 October 2015

Posing in Madrid

After we got blown off route yesterday, we ended up staying fairly near to Madrid. There was a bus from the main road next to our campsite, so we thought it would be a waste not to visit the Spanish capital.
It was a lovely day and we wandered around the main tourist areas enjoying the sunshine and idly people watching. My favourite was this group of headless dancers.
We went to the Mercado de San Miguel for lunch. It is an indoor market that is filled with wine, beer, cheese, fish and tapas bars. You can go to any of the stalls, buy some lunch and then crowd around the tables to eat. It has a really friendly atmosphere and we stayed for wine and paella.
Afterwards we did a bit of shopping for the van, replacing broken crockery and treating ourselves to some bits and bobs.
Finally we headed towards the view on pic 3 which was right next to our bus station.
It wasn't our most productive day ever, and we could have made a bit more effort on the sightseeing front, but some days it just doesn't happen. Nice day out though.

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