Monday 26 October 2015

Zaragoza from the front

After my photos from the backstreets of Zaragoza yesterday, I thought that I must show you the front today.
It is an incredible place with a Plaza that stretches at least 800 metres.
It starts with at one end with Roman ruins, then a tower that rivals Piza for the angle that it leans at. Then comes a massive Basilica, Town Hall, museum, statue of Goya, and then another amazing church.
In the middle of the Plaza are water features, and bars and restaurants line the opposite side.
There is also a picturesque river and dozens of other beautiful buildings scattered across the town.
It is very Spanish and there are very few tourists around at the moment. Prices are incredibly reasonable and we stopped twice today, once for a glass of wine and a sandwich (€4.20 in total) and then for coffee, churros and chocolate that was again less than €5.
The artist Goya is probably Zaragoza's most famous son and we visited a gallery dedicated to his paintings. I am not sure about him though, and I think that I preferred the gallery building to the actual paintings.
We had a great day out though, which including bus fares, gazing at beautiful buildings, art gallery entrance fee and the two refreshment stops came to only €25, or £18.

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