Thursday 1 October 2015

Wengeralp round trip

Another epic hike today, this one a round trip from our campsite and once again it was really cold when we set off.
The hike started by climbing a rock staircase straight up the mountain. A metal handrail had helpfully been added as a little safety feature.
We also had to cross a wooden bridge with a warning sign that said 'Please cross the bridge quickly. There is a risk of part of the glacier breaking off causing a flood wave in the stream!' We did as we were told, but I was a bit disappointed that nothing dramatic happened.
We carried on upwards and soon got fantastic views of 'our' valley down below us. It was also quite warm work and I soon took off my coat, a jacket, hat and gloves.
Once we were at the top the views were absolutely stunning, although a cold wind was blowing down from the glacier and all the clothes quickly went back on.
We turned the journey into a round trip by walking down to Wengen, stopping for a quick beer and then back to the campsite.
Ps, we were worried about blowing the budget here, but it didn't work out that way. We had three brilliant days of walking and we caught a cablecar on day one costing £6 each, two train rides on the Eiger walk for £27 each and none today. Our bike ride was also free.
We missed out on a train trip to the top of the mountain, but that was £120 each. Imagine how annoying it would be if the top was in the middle of a cloud as it was today - see pic 4.

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