Wednesday 30 September 2015

Cycling along the river

Our legs are feeling the strain of all the walking that we have done over the last few days, so today we decided to use some different muscles and go for a bike ride.
A fast flowing river runs right alongside our campsite and we basically followed it all the way down the valley to Interlaken.
The sky was clear and it was a very cold start. The sun is slow to warm the valley as gigantic shadows from the high mountains keep the floor in shade. Gradually they move lower, and by about 10am sunlight reaches a few of the fields.
There is a big difference in temperature between the sunny and shaded areas, so we started off with big coats, hats and gloves.
We hardly had to pedal for almost the whole 20 kms down to Interlaken, which was both good and a little bit bad. Good because it was a lazy way of getting to town, but bad because I got a bit too cold not having to pedal, and I was worried that I would have to work really hard on the way back up.
On the outskirts of town we had a surprise encounter with a flock of purposeful sheep. They were confidently striding along and taking up every inch of the road. We hastily dismounted and stood well back to let them pass. (They probably don't bite but just to be on the safe side.)
That was the most exciting thing that happened in Interlaken. It was a nice place but full of fancy hotels and expensive watch shops. We had a quick look around, ate our picnic next to the lake and started for home.
The cycle path was the star of the show today, and we were relieved to find that it was quite an easy ride back.
Ps, I think we must be getting a bit fitter.

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