Friday 25 September 2015


We drove for about 40 minutes this morning and arrived at our campsite just outside of Lucerne.
The road cut a nice flat route through very long tunnels and we emerged to find ourselves near Lake Lucerne and surrounded by mountains. Some of them even have snow on the top, as you can see at the top left of photo one.
We walked the five kms from our campsite to the centre of Lucerne is a very pretty place and we sat on the promenade and admired the beautiful view of the lake and mountains. We also looked around the old town, crossed an ancient wooden bridge and went to see the Lion of Lucerne.
The Lion is a large stone statue of a dying lion and commemorates the hundreds of Swiss soldiers who were killed in France in 1792. He set in the rocks above a reflecting pool and looks terribly sad.
The final picture is the view of the lake from just near our campsite. I have cheated a bit though as most of the lake is hidden by really tall reeds and this is actually the only bit of the view that we can see. Still good though.

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