Wednesday 2 September 2015

Pedalo on Lake Titisee

We are in the heart of the Black Forest today at a campsite on the water's edge at Lake Titisee.
Picture one is the view from the front window of our van. We are possibly a little bit too close to the edge, but the handbrake is securely on and the pitch is flat, so we should be okay.
Lake Titisee is quite small and there is a nice circular walk right around it of about six kilometres and it goes right past our back door.
We joined the path and headed over to Titisee village where we hired a pedalo that looked a bit like a speedboat.
Daz recorded the route on Strava, so we had to make a real effort with the pedalling, as you can see from the impressive bow wave in pic two.
We hired our pedalo for an hour, and in that time we managed to do a loop of the lake, although we finished with very tired legs.
We also had a great time in the shops and they are full of cuckoo clocks, cuddly sheep, cakes and cherry brandy. There was even a giant clock on the wall of one shop. I was keen to see if the cuckoo really worked, but I didn't have the patience to hang around for half an hour. I will try to time it a bit better on my next visit.

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