Tuesday 29 September 2015

North face of the Eiger

Today we caught a cog train up the mountain - it chugged along the track and up 1,400 vertical metres in about 50 minutes. The train was packed full of tourists and we all crowded at the windows to admire the amazing scenery.
Our train was a cute yellow and green one, but the red ones in my photo carry on even further up the mountain. We walked along near the track, and at the Eigergletcher station we reached the start of today's trek - the North face of the Eiger trail.
It is only open from mid June until the end of September, and is often closed in bad weather, so we were lucky that it was open today. To be honest though, it probably should have been closed as the first half a mile of track was completely covered in ice.
We had to resort to sliding carefully along on our bottoms on some sections, and there was other places where we were almost crawling along.
However, as soon as we got to the section that the sun reached it was fine, and we made good progress. We followed our little path along the easy bit at the base, and stopped for a picnic and to look at the incredible views.
Eventually we made it to the end of the path, which happened to be at a mountain cafe, so we stopped for a beer and yet another look around.
Reluctantly, we carried on down the mountain to Grindelwald, and amazingly, the views got even better.
We walked for a long way, over 32,000 steps in total, and finally we caught another train back around the mountains and back to the campervan.
Amazing day in an amazing area.

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