Friday 18 September 2015

Discovering Munich

We had a lovely day today, walking for miles and seeing more of Munich.
Firstly, we stopped to admire the Town Hall in the Marienplatz Square in the heart of the city. It is an incredible building, and we caught a lift to a viewpoint right at the top of the tower. Munich is not a high rise city and we could see all of it spread out in front of us.
After a quick blast of shopping, listening to buskers, drinking wine and eating pretzels, we carried on exploring.
We walked across the city to the Nymphenburg Palace (pic 3), and for the last mile or so we walked alongside a long narrow lake. It widened out to the front of the Palace and there was also a similar one at the back.
We weren't going to bother paying to go inside, but we looked around the giftshop and it looked so interesting that we changed our minds. This was a brilliant idea and we really enjoyed it.
The main hall was about four stories high and spectacular, with intricately painted walls and ceiling featuring Apollo on a chariot, lots of chubby cherubs and gold paint.
The best room in the Palace though was called the Gallery of Beauties. Instead of having the usual - a room filled with dodgy pictures of the ancestors - King Ludwig decided to commission 38 paintings of beautiful women.
The whole room is full of their portraits and they look very happy to be there - the first pin ups I suppose.
Some of them were rich and aristocratic, but others were poor and from very humble backgrounds. Unfortunately, our audio tape did not mention what the Queen thought of it all - neither did it say if her portrait was included.

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