Wednesday 23 September 2015

Visiting Switzerland

I know that this is cheating a little, but I took some photos yesterday as I knew that the weather would be really bad today.
Last night we stayed in Switzerland as there was no campsites in Liechtenstein.
We were right near the border in a lovely town called Buchs. It was very pretty and had a nice high street with lots of shops and caf├ęs. There was no sign of any tour buses and the lady in the supermarket checkout was very friendly and asked if we were tourists. When we said that the were, she seemed really excited and interested in our plans. I don't think that they get too many visitors - but whisper it quietly - it's much nicer than Vaduz.
Just behind our campsite was a lake with a little castle on the top of the hill, surrounded by ancient houses and vineyards. We had a good wander around and then hurried home ahead of the rain.
It rained heavily all night, hammering happily on the roof of the van. Usefully, it drowned out the sound of the chiming clocks so we both got a good nights sleep.

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