Wednesday 9 September 2015

Three country epic

We set off early this morning to the ferry at Friedrichshafen, Germany for our 40 minute journey across the lake.
We docked at Romanshorn, Switzerland and turned left for our trip back around the lake.
We cycled through lovely Swiss countryside and towns until about an hour later, when we crossed the border into Austria.
It was also very pretty  and we admired the view as we chugged along, crossing a large bridge over a wide river. By this point we were a bit confused as we did not know which of the three countries we were in.
Our route was excellently signed up, but the lake shore wiggled in and out, and we think that we may have gone to back to Switzerland, or even forward to Germany, before returning to Austria, if that makes sense.
There was no mistaking Lindau in Germany on our return leg, with its amazing harbour entrance. To best appreciate it you should really arrive by boat, as the lion is facing out on to the lake, but we cycled in and first saw the lion's back.
The town was very scenic and full of tourists, so we had a quick look around, ate an ice-cream, then carried on home. We finished the loop in Friedrichshafen,
82 easy, flat and fun kilometres in total.

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