Monday 14 September 2015

Fussen, Bavaria

It rained overnight, and when we looked out of the window this morning the view was completely different. Pic 1 is the same panorama as yesterday, but with little white clouds and no sign of the mountain tops.
This morning we drove along the main road through the Austrian alps and then over the Fernpass and down into Germany. It rained heavily for most of the way and we were in a convoy of traffic up and down the steep roads.
I was really glad that Daz was driving and he calmly got us from A to B (Austria to Bavaria).
We are now in a little town called Fussen and it is very pretty. The weather picked up nicely, and we had a good nose around.
Our main reason for stopping here is to see one of Germany's best fairytale castles that is nearby, so fingers crossed for a sunny day tomorrow.

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