Sunday 6 September 2015

Horn, Germany

We left Lake Titisee this morning and drove about 100 kilometres to Lake Constance. We are camped right at the side of it in a little town called Horn.
We went for a walk this afternoon to check out area ready for some upcoming cycle rides.
Lake Constance measures about 260 kilometres around it's shore and has a cycle path all the way around. It also borders three countries and although we are still in Germany we are very near to Switzerland and Austria.
There are lots of ferries across the lake but we are having trouble reading the timetable.  However, I think that we should be in luck if we get to the pier in picture two at 9.50 tomorrow morning.
Unfortunately, I am having a lot of trouble trying to read and speak German. Lots of the words are almost never ending and I can't even begin to say them, never mind remember them for next time.
Quick example - I am looking at the receipt that I was given when I arrived at the campsite. I have been charged €10 euros for a Stromschlusselpfand. I think that's a deposit for a key to the electric box, but it's going to be fun attempting to pronounce it when I want it back when we leave.

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