Sunday 27 September 2015

1001st day This one is a wow, wow wow!

Yesterday was a good day, but today is a really memorable one.
When we decided to visit Switzerland I looked on the internet for advice on the best places to visit, and all of the websites said to go to Lauterbrunnen. I had never heard of it, but everybody had it at the top of their lists - so here we are.
It is a little town in a valley that is surrounded by enormous mountains.
The drive to it was incredible and my eyes were on stalks. The view was so beautiful, and it got better with every turn.
The mountains rise vertically from the valley floor and we can see snow capped mountains, glaciers and lots of waterfalls.
The photos are the views from our campsite, pic 2 is through the front window and pic 3 is through the back.
Our campsite is almost deserted as we are right at the end of the season, and at £11 per night is fantastic value.
This is very fortunate as the prices for the cable cars are eye watering.
Can't wait until tomorrow to get up into the mountains.

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