Thursday 24 September 2015

Zurich, Switzerland

Our campsite is fairly close to Zurich and we cycled there along a brilliantly marked cycle path today. There was quite a big hill, as the crow flew, between us and city, so the cycle path took us on a long semicircular route to keep the terrain nice and flat.
Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and is on the edge of Lake Zurich. It is quite water based and has a large river, and some smaller ones running through it.
We had a good look around, stopped for the customary coffee and cake and then caught a train back to the campsite. (We were being a bit lazy today.)
Also, although Zurich seems a nice place, we didn't find a lot of things to look at.
Ps, for some reason we managed acquire two of the giant glasses at the Oktoberfest, and I am making good use of one by growing an amaryllis in it. Good photo I think.
Pps, we are still looking for the almost mythical quiet nights sleep. Last night the battery on the fire alarm decided to tell us that it needed replacing. It started beeping every couple of minutes from about 4am until we got up and Darren switched it off.

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