Friday 4 September 2015

Fun at Todtnau

We caught a local free bus to Todtnau today to check out the attractions.
Firstly, we headed for the toboggan track, and it was a monster compared to the one that we rode in Holland.
We had to catch a chair lift right from the houses and church at the bottom of the mountain to the very top. All the way up we looked at the toboggan track and it had loops, tight corners and bumps - not to mention the occasional screaming tobogganist.
Once we were at the top we got into our toboggans and the  and the guy in charge sussed us out very quickly. He warned Darren not to get too close to the person in front, and in response to my repeatedly panicked questions about which lever was the break, he told me that it was dangerous to go too slowly.
We had our photographs taken on way down, Daz looking cool and calm, while my hair is on end and my mouth is wide open as I screamed all the way down. Sorry but we didn't buy them!
I also managed to build up a queue behind me, so once it was over I tried to disappear as quickly as possible to avoid any toboggan ragers.
It was exhilerating though.
After that everything could only be an anticlimax, but we hiked up to a local waterfall. As expected, it was not like the picture in my guidebook, but that was good because it means that it hasn't rained for a while.

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